UFCW Local 1262 & Employer Benefit Funds

For information on your benefits and eligibility please call the following:

Health Benefits            800-555-4959 (Local 152)

Behavioral Health        800-626-2212 (Horizon Behavioral Health)

Pre-Paid Legal             800-247-4184 (ARAG)

Dental                          800-433-6825 (Horizon BC/BS)

Vision                          800-432-4955 (Vision Services of America)

Pension                      800-522-4161 (Defined Benefit Plan/Local 1262)

Note: If you are full-time and hired on or after 9/2/2011 or part-time and hired on or after 10/2/2010; are at least 21 and have one year of service call 800-883-3682 (Local 152) for information on the Defined Contribution Plan.  You can also review your account at John Hancock Retirement Plan Services — www.Mylife.jhps.com — or call them at 800-294-3575.