UFCW Local 1262 & Employer Benefit Funds
Frequently Asked Questions About Benefits & Eligibility

Note: If you do not find the information you are searching for, please do not hesitate to call the Fund Office directly at 1-800-522-4161

Q. Is it necessary for me to complete both the “Membership Application” and the “Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Application” in order for me to be covered under the UFCW Local 1262 Group Health plans?
A. Yes. All full-time and part-time members must complete a membership application in order to be covered under the group health plans. The Membership Application is what is used to create your system record as well as record your life insurance beneficiary and dependent data. If these applications are not completed in full and signed, your benefits will not go into effect. In addition, all full-time members must also complete a Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield application as well.

Q. Once I meet my eligibility requirement for benefits, how long does it take for me to receive my medical, dental and prescription drug cards?
Once you have completed the appropriate applications, your ID cards should be sent to you at your home address approximately 7-10 business days after you become eligible.

Example: If your effective date is September 1st, you should receive your ID cards around September 14th.

Q. Am I eligible for Life Insurance and how much am I covered for?
Once the eligibility requirements are met, as a full-time member, you are covered for $30,000 in Life Insurance and an additional $30,000 in Accidental Dismemberment Insurance. As a part-time member, you are covered for $7,500 in Life Insurance and an additional $7,500 in Accidental Dismemberment Insurance. Once you reach age 70, the Life Insurance amounts are reduced by 50% to $15,000 in coverage for full-time and $3,750 for part-time members.

Q. If I stop working for a contributing employer, when do my benefits end?
Once you are no longer employed, your benefits will end at midnight on the last day of active work. You will then be eligible to continue your group health plans through COBRA by making an election at your expense.

Q. Under the Legal Services Plan, am I entitled to have a “will” prepared?
As a full-time member, you are entitled to have a will or codicil, or living will prepared for both yourself and a spouse. As a part-time member, you are entitled to have a will prepared for yourself only.

Q. Can I obtain legal services for my adult child?
For full-time members, dependent children are eligible to use the legal services plan until the age of 19 (23 if a full-time student) as long as the child is still living with you and remains unmarried.

Q. When I return to active work from a disability, how long does it take Horizon to update their system?
Once the Fund Office is notified of your return to active status, it takes 48 to 72 hours in order to reflect the change back to an active status on the Horizon system for medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage.

Q. What is the procedure for adding a dependent child through adoption, placement by the court or marriage?
If the child is related to the member by marriage (stepchildren), a photocopy of the marriage license is required to be sent to the Fund Office. If the child is adopted, a photocopy of the adoption paperwork or the placement paperwork if the adoption is not yet finalized must be submitted. If the court places a child with you as a “legal guardianship”, a photocopy of the legal order placing the child in your custody is needed.

If the child is not related by marriage or adoption or if there is no court order and the covered member has legal custody of the child then a notarized affidavit stating that the member has legal custody is required. The child’s (or children’s) birth certificate must accompany the affidavit. You can request a sample of the affidavit from the Fund Office or you may see one of the Legal Services Fund participating attorneys to have the document drawn up.

The date the child is effective on benefits will be the date s/he is placed with the member, the date of marriage in the case of stepchildren or the date of birth for a newborn.